Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Every photo has a story...

Assignment 3 for compassion blog month 2013 was posted this week. We were asked to choose one of their photos and tell the story behind the photo. I have sat a while this week trying to chose a photo and come up with how I want to portray the photos story. This is what I came up with. No it may not be what they expected, but this is how I felt comfortable telling it. I chose not to make up a name for this sweet boy and I chose not to guess where he has been. I chose to place possible facts.
When you see this photo what do you see?
A boy needing new clothes?
 Maybe a boy in need of a bath?
People say that every photo has a story.
That the eyes are the window to the soul.

I now want to tell you what I see....
Yes I do see a boy desperately in need of new and clean clothing. And yes I do see the child needing a bath. The other thing I see on the outside also comes from knowledge. This same child may of acquired all of the dirt caping his clothing and body from work or a simple walk from one place to another.  Africa one of the poorest countries in the world and one of the driest. Dust continues to fly up with the slightest wind or movement. Vehicles are a vary rare site. That torn clothing that he's wearing may be his only set and quite possibly hand me downs well worn.

In his eyes I see a sad and quite possibly fearful boy. He covers his mouth possibly from that fear as a way of coping. Maybe from hunger. I see hopelessness. All of this is all he has ever known through out his life. He and others live from day to day. Are thankful for what time they have. Another day lived is a cause for happiness. Most have no hopes. Most have no dreams. Just the will to fight to survive another day. They remain happy somehow at most times. Maybe because if they give up that they have the thought that there goes their last hope. Maybe they remain happy through the love of their family and community that is shown.

So much can be taken from this photo. We can create our own stories on what he was doing that day. Or what he was thinking. Where he was. Truthfully only a few know the answers... God, this little boy, and the person that took this photo. Compassion fights to teach children there is more than what they think to life. More reason to hope. More reason to dream. More reasons to fight for. They give them the happiness of new and clean clothing. Happiness of food. Safety...  With help from people like us they can accomplish them and bring more children out of poverty in Jesus name....

If you are wanting to just look at compassions website or even wanting to sponsor. I have posted below a direct link to compassion. It leads straight to the children needing sponsors, but it also leads to compassions site. God Bless Everyone!!!


  1. I've been to Africa and to the villages and outlying far flung posts though there is much yet to explore. It amazes me how the people do survive with no food, no hope, no idea how the needs will be met. It takes a very strong people. I wish more could see with their own eyes and hearts and reach out to help one child. God bless you for your efforts to help and bring awareness too.

  2. Wow that is amazing you have been to Africa a lot. I hope to one day visit Africa. I hope this post along with everyone else's do lead to more sponsorships. Were over halfway to compassions goal already!:) It makes me part happy being part of sponsorships being made. God bless you and thank you for all you do too. :)