Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Choose one word? Smh....! Four words that connect.

Alright everyone the compassion blog post assignment for week two is up. They want us to write three things about one word. Here are some solid suggestions for the one word:
   * hope
   * poverty
   * silence
   * sacrifice
I am going to change it up a little though. I have to be a little complicated of course. I looked at the words they posted above and couldn't decide on one word. My change up. How about write about each of these four words that they posted. They all connect in one way or another.
Me being the type of person not ashamed of telling about my past after all it has made me who I am. I will put some of my life in this. I think some may be able to relate better and to maybe envision the kids with compassion lives. Maybe you can relate to them maybe to my stories. Maybe not... Either way here it goes.
Poverty, sacrifice, silence, hope they all lead one to another. You can be the one to cause the last hope. Something not experienced in a lot of third world countries without help.

Have you experienced the life of poverty. Maybe you have. Maybe it was in your life more so than others. Maybe you haven't had to worry about poverty. Either way imagine my life with me. My poverty could of been worse growing up I know, but think. My mother went to college one year to get her degree. After all by that time she was expecting me if I am correct. My dad graduated high school to enroll straight in to the army.
Boy do I love hearing the stories from that. My parents married as soon as my mom graduated at 17. Funds were always tight for them. Very tight. When I came along around five years later funds became even tighter. Boy did I wish I could do some of the things I had heard my fellow classmates were doing. I wanted to learn ballet I couldn't not enough money. Wanted to play baseball I couldn't not enough money. I learned that because we were still struggling that if I could what I wanted I should teach myself. I taught myself to draw, to do a few things dealing with ballet. Don't get me wrong I was very loved by my parents. I was their world. They were mine.
Children in the third world countries compassion works with and more have it worse when it comes to poverty. They starve, go around some without adequate clothing, and in fear of death. They fear sickness, some their neighbors, their environment. They live a very rough life. It causes all hopes and dreams to be shattered.
 Now poverty leads to sacrifice. As you can tell what I sacrificed a little further up. The children that are through compassion sacrifice so much. Some of these sweet children sacrifice education. Sometimes all meals for that day going to bed on empty stomachs. Medical care even. Sometimes even their childhood. Sometimes even their purity. 
Sacrifice leads to silence. Whether it is silently taking a very hungry and grumbly stomach. Crying at nights because they are told they aren't smart so they have to settle. Silently hurt and ache from fever or whatever may come their way. Silently take leading there family without the ability to play. 
If a child has the chance or their parents allow it they are lucky enough to experience hope through compassion or other organizations. Compassion makes sure the child has at least two meals a day. That they can have as much of a childhood as possible. All the dental and medical care the child and even usually the family needs. To their joy and sponsors like I an education. An even safer environment than if there wasn't compassion.
Like I the kids can experience hope and joy whether it is just through a ball, a doll, shoes, clothes, food, a few simple words, paper, and help.
I would like to see my kids along with others experience the few simple happinesses that revive their hope and give them the chance to dream.
Like I:
Whether it is because of that simple giving of a doll or for a doll.
an education or a place to do schoolwork.
a simple popper
Imagining that box is a ship or car that they transport their babies in.
Now I want to tell of one of my kids lives. His name is Mario.
Mario lives in Honduras and is 12 years old. He has older siblings that have moved out of the home. It is just his mother, sister and him living in the home. His father became angry one day and ripped half of the roof off of their home. It has left them with no way to use that part of the home. All three share one room to sleep in. The kitchen sink, stove, and all is outside. He has around an hour walk to school and the compassion center because the hills are to steep to ride his bike. He is the man of the house now.
Here is his home.
He and his sister. He still manages to keep a smile.
Ridding his bike at home
A simple gift from a fellow friend and who advocated for him when I saw him.
or even just eating popsicles with friends.
All of this so simple, but means so much to him. Given to him through the thoughtfulness of his mother, compassion, those who loved him before sponsorship, and I after sponsorship. He is one of my many little blessings and one of my many little hero's.
Will you help a child? Will you give a child hope a chance to dream? I have posted a direct link below so you may check out compassion, read up on compassion, or even sponsor if you want. It is your choice what you do. I will say though sponsorship is life changing and one of the best things to ever happen in my life. A lot of other sponsors agree. The choice is yours. Will you make the leap? 


  1. Thanks Beverly. :) I was hoping it was okay since I changed it up some. Thank you for reading. :)

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