Thursday, January 22, 2015

Long Time, Catching Up, and And A Mission

Okay so a lot has happened since I last posted. Hopefully with time I won't throw surprises at you.

Today I will catch you up on what is leading up to what I will speak of today. As all of you know I sponsor a sweet young boy in Honduras named Mario. You may also know that I also sponsored a young sweet, but shy little boy named Jose.

My sweet sweet boys. :)
You may be wondering how I got these photos. Back in May to the beginning of June God gave me the privilege of meeting my boys in person. An anonymous person offered to pay for my plane ticket to go see both my boys. I will always be greatful to that person. This made what would be impossible for me to raise more possible.
Due to that amazing person and my amazing church I was able to go to Honduras. So I made my first flight anywhere to Honduras. After my grandma in a serious car accident the day before, one hotel stay, a 5 o'clock airport check in, being booted from my flight due to overbooking, finally leaving one airport, an hour flight to the next stop, a 6 or more hour layover, and seriously full bladder and nowhere to leave my thing to go, about a 2 and a half hour flight alone, and arriving finally at Honduras not at the planned 9:30 in the morning but late late at night. I must say I was exhausted and ready for sleep. After an hour or two drive from the airport, a realization they definitely use military differently, and finally arriving to the hotel for a few hours sleep I will say I had not much trouble sleeping other than my alarm or myself waking myself up on and off constantly.
I was exhausted but that did not phase me once we made it to our first destinations. It was like I had a rush of energy. I will let the video do the talking about my experience though. So many emotions I can not explain it.
Now after the feeding center and a girl orphanage visit and opting out church for it. We headed to both my boys center. Only two children were there at the time. School was still in session. We chose to go see a bilingual school nearby and a small few of the compassion children are lucky to have a scholarship too.  Afterwards we headed back to the center to low and behold I saw one of my boys first thing. My sweet Mario. It did not take either of use long to make it to each other and hug. Nor did it take long for me to bawl like a baby.
I met Jose on child visit day due to his walk being so long to the center, but afterward the next day me made sure he was at the center in the clothes I had brought him to be with me. To my joy he and Mario even became decent friends. Through that week I must say I fell in love with more kids and not just my own. I will share my trip with you now. I must say it is an experience I would encourage everyone to try. It is well worth it. :)
A little cuteness thanks to Mario and his cousin. Marvin became as much mine visit day and after as my two boy. Sweet boy, as well as my two, and Mario's best friend was so lovable within a short time.
Yes I know my Spanish could be slightly not so good sometime. I spent majority of my time in Honduras at the soccer field with the boys with three little sweet girls and a little boy that grew attached following behind. I have plenty of videos on my YouTube account. Just follow any of the links posted and you will find me. Now to share my trip with you as a whole. I hope you enjoy it. :)
Now to end the exciting and the fun to get to the serious stuff. While there I noticed basic needs both my boys needed that most people in the USA take for granted. No I am not talking about food and clothing either.
Mario I was able to visit his home and knew part of his home was roofless. I am not sure why I was so shocked, but I was. Mario and his family desperately need a roof and the walls fixed. Not only that, but I also found out Mario and his family does not have running water. For all water needed they have to make a trip 20 minutes walk away just to get the water they need. Lucky they have kind neighbors that will share their water when they need it for cooking and something to drink. All else the walk has to be made.
Here is Mario's Story.......
Mario's Story and this also shows how much joy he has. He is very mature in letters, but when I visited I saw the child in him and saw his sweet bubbly personality. He is not letting life circumstances determine who he is though. Was amazed to see how much he wants to learn English as well. The whole time there he decided to joke with me and teach me better Spanish and he had me teaching him English.

I felt the need to take action. So I have. I am raising money first to get sweet Mario and his amazing family a roof. If there is extra it will go to other needs like running water and such for both boys. The money will be used wisely. I would love to see him have a new roof by the time I visit again hopefully in a few months. The raising is going good, but still there is still some left to raise. Please consider helping today. Even if it is a small amount it is a small step closer to Mario and his family having their whole home back and them not losing their home to the mountain. Thank you to all who already have donated. It means a lot to see that you care for a child and his family that means a lot to me.

I received a letter after the visit from both boys telling me they cant wait until I come again to see them. With Jose's letter though I also found out he has no running water as well and has a long walk too. Something I did not know while there because I did not make it to his home. As you see I have two running water goals and a roof goal. The full total will be 3,000 US dollars. I know a lot! Help or no my mission is to give my boys all they need.
I am also considering since Mario expressed interest in the bilingual school to enroll him in it and possibly even Jose. I need all the prayers I can get. I seem to of spoken a lot already so I shall end my post her. Until next time everyone! :D God Bless!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Letter From Mario!

So sweet Mario sent me another letter. This sweet boy is so strong in not only his way of living, but in his faith in God. Such an amazing trait to have. :)
Here is the letter he wrote:
Appreciable sponsor, Amanda Watts; I am greeting you with much love and affection and I hope that you are well. How is your family? Let me tell you that I received your letter and your picture as well. The picture of me that you were able to draw is very nice. Thank you very much. I was able to read your letter. My favorite food is fried chicken, my favorite color is red and my life is very sad because ever sense my father is gone our home is very difficult for all my siblings. But my faith is to grow in wisdom and to be able to win so that I can help my mother and I hope that you pray for us. My family and I are praying so that God may allow me to continue studying and to help our lives. I want to tell you that my tutor in the CDC
teaches us many verses and stories and we play different types of games. I also have a dog that is called Pelusa, I like to give it showers and to take care of it. Let me tell you tha I did very well in school Thank God I approved the school year. Next year I'm going to be in fifth grade and I say goodbye with much love and affection. I love you very much. Till soon.
On the back of the first page Mario made me a very nice drawing of a building with a flag, a road, trees, and not sure what the blue is. Love it though!! :D

Losing Rachael

So I found out I lost my penpal Rachael, but on a happy note. Rachael got a sponsor to love her and give her what she will need. So proud for her. The lady over the org said if she were ever to need a penpal again she would allow me to write to her again. So happy for sweet Rachael.  :D


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Photos of Rebecca and Rachael!

I got more photos of Rebecca and Rachael. They were getting Christmas gifts from the org. they are with. It is relatively new, but has a trust worthy fellow compassion child over it and they love the kids a lot.

First I will show Rebecca's photos I got:

Rebecca with her new shirt
Rebecca and he sunshades case.
Now I will show Rachaels picture I got:
Rachael with her Christmas shirt.

Valera Goes On His Shopping Trip!

I paid to send Valera on  his orphanages shopping trip they had. This trip allows him to get things he needs an possibly wants as well. These kids love some clothes by the way. :)

Valera went shopping just after Christmas day. He bought sneakers, sweater, shirts, and socks. He loved being able to go.

Here are the photos:

First Letter from Julian

I received a letter from Julian at the same time as Rebecca and Rachael along with photos. He is one sweet boy.

Here is his letter:

Dear Amanda,
I great you in the name of the Lord Jesus. I appreciate you for writing me a later.
You I think you are fine and your family too.
I am in p.7 class. I am 12. Let me introduce myself and my family to you. My mothers name is Mrs. Nabayego Sarah and my fathers name is Mr. Robert. I live at Kabubu and I am living along with my grandmother.
My most favorite color is blue.
I like so much to eat vegetables, eg, pineapples, apples, etc.
I like to graze pigs and rabbits.
I have two sisters and two brothers.
They all love you and your family at all.
by Senyange  Julian.

Here is the photo I got of him:
He is writing to me.

First Letter From Rebecca

So I receive a letter and some photos of Rebecca. This sweetheart can crack me up. :) She is just so confident. :D

Here is the letter:

Dear Miss Amanda,

I wish you a Merry Xmas an a prosperous New Year.
How are you ?
Greetings from your correspondence child Rebecca.
She says se wishes you and your family a Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year.
She says thank you for loving her and encourage her as she is.
She says she know she is the most beautiful girl in the country (I just love her confidence! :D).
She says she is 4 1/2 years old and she has two sisters named Babra and Lillian, with two brothers Brian and Benjamin.
She says she loves eating sweets.
From your sweet girl Rebecca Muwolob

Here are the photos: